Calibration for Balances & Scales



AllometricsisA2LA accredited for the calibration of balances and scales and can help you ensure that your balances and scales are weighing accurately and consistently. Calibrations are fully traceable using calibrated NIST traceable weights. The weights used to calibrate your balance are certified and calibrated by accredited third party NVLAP metrology labs. NIST traceable certificates are provided for our weights to ensure that your balance and scale calibrations remain traceable and meet the requirements of your quality system.

Scheduled Cleaning, Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, Certification

Performed during a scheduled service visit. Each instrument receives a thorough inspection and cleaning followed by preventative maintenance measures. The unit is taken through a multi-point, calibration process across its range of capacity to ensure accuracy, linearity, repeatability and corner load compliance against acceptable tolerances. Nationally recognized N.I.S.T. traceable standards are employed as required. Quality documentation is provided and tailored to meet specific customer reporting needs.

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Repairs, (On-site & Off-site).

Instruments that fail to meet acceptable performance standards can usually be adjusted/repaird on-site. However, if on-site repair is not possible, the customer may elect to have the instrument repaired off-site at the Allometrics Repair Center. All off-site repairs are performed under controlled conditions and may be inspected by the customer. Substitute instruments are available in mot cases (for additional fees). Trade-in's against new purchases from Allometrics will be considered.

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Allometrics can consult, assist and provide turn-key installation services for new or used equipment. Free installation is usually offered in most instrument sales.

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Consultation and specific operation/training is available for all instruments sold by Allometrics.

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