Chemical Fume Hoods


Keeping Your Employees Safe

Allometrics knows the importance of keeping your employees safe. As a dealer for LabConCo and NuAire we have assisted many companies in creating and maintaining a safe working environment. Allometrics is a dealer for leading Chemical Fume Hood manufacturers and provides sales, repair and certification services for all Chemical Fume Hood manufacturers. Clients include leading research facilities, compounding pharmacies and bio-tech companies, chemical plants and refineries.

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When it comes to laboratory fume hoods, Labconco has the broadest selection in the market. Whether you need a light duty enclosure for nuisance vapors, a sophisticated hood system for toxic fumes, or specialized ventilation equipment for unique applications, Labconco can offer a solution.

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NuAire polypropylene fume hoods are ergonomic, metal-free, and can be custom manufactured to meet your needs. Seam-welded, stress-relieved, reinforced construction ensures the maximum lifespan of your fume hood.

Polypropylene is a diverse material. It provides excellent corrosion resistance, high thermal resistance and tensile strength. NuAire impregnates its polypropylene fume hoods with UV stabilizers and anti-oxidizing agents to maximize thermal resistance.

Allometrics is proud to be factory trained to service and certify NuAire products.

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